Our Services

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At Inmobiliaria Menorca, our services are not just limited to helping clients buy or sell their home. We offer an extensive range of services to assist with the integration into the Administration system for all our clients.

Whether you need help with arranging insurance for your home or vehicle, preparing your tax return as a resident (RENTA) or submitting your annual non-resident tax if you own any type of property in Spain, we can help.

If you are thinking of starting a business, we can offer advice and handle all the necessary documents and licenses to ensure you are fully covered with social security, tax agency and local authorities. Allow us to prepare and submit all the necessary forms for you within the deadlines established. Once your business is up and running, we can make the relevant quarterly VAT and income tax payments. When employing staff, we can take care of preparing staff contracts, national insurance payments and monthly staff salary / pay slips.

Additionally, we work very closely with key banks that offer us very beneficial conditions for our customers, enabling you to benefit from low fees and commissions as well as good interest rates on deposits. More than three hundred customers have placed their trust in us and have contracted our services.

Our services:

  • Property, tax and mortgage consulting
  • Property valuations - we are an official registered real estate agent
  • Rental Management (annual or seasonal)
  • Representation at the signing of purchase and sale of real estate (notary)
  • Project management work (builders, architects, licenses)
  • Contracts (lease or sale)
  • Residency (N.I.E.)
  • Self employment
  • Affiliation to social security and medical card processing
  • Annual non-residents tax for the entire Spanish territory
  • Personal income tax declarations
  • Quarterly accounting
  • Insurance (car, motorcycle, home, life) - ask us for a quote
  • Inheritance tax
  • Licensing (building, tourist accommodation, opening license)
  • Change of legal owner (car, boats, bikes)
  • Registration of foreign vehicles (bikes and cars)
  • Exchange of driver's license
  • Pensions